Palo Verde National Park Boat Safari

Want to experience Costa Rica’s most untouched nature area all from the comfort and vantage point of a boat? If you love exotic wildlife, this is the perfect experience for you! This Palo Verde boat adventure is the ultimate place to explore, enjoy, relax, photograph and get in touch with some truly raw nature This popular boat experience travels along the Tempisque River, a habitat for crocodiles, monkeys, iguanas and 100’s of species of birds. Palo Verde National Park consists of diverse habitats of flood plains, rivers and bordered by a row of calcareous hills, creating a picturesque backdrop and excellent photo opportunities!
Your Costa Rica boat safari will take you down the calm waters of the Tempisque River where you are guaranteed to have close encounters with wild animals such as deer, crocodiles, macaws, whistling ducks, toucans, tapirs and an endless number of bird species. You will learn about the different species that live in the park, their feeding habits, see how they are raised and how they live freely in their natural surroundings. This tour offers you a unique opportunity to get close and personal with some of Costa Rica’s and Central America’s most beautiful and rare wildlife.

Experiences Highlights:

  • Relaxing wildlife boat tour down the Tempisque River
  • Observe wild animals in their natural habitats
  • Amazing photography opportunities

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