Dolphin & Island Snorkeling Catamaran Adventure

From acrobatic dolphin to sea turtles gliding by and to snorkeling along a tropical reef teaming with colorful fish, and if you’re lucky even spotting some humpback whales headed south. You will discover all this and more aboard our relaxing dolphin snorkeling catamaran cruise.
Spend a day on the water along Samara’s pristine coastline and enjoy an adventurous boat ride to see all kinds of aquatic wildlife on some of Costa Rica’s best reefs. Chances are you’ll see large pods of dolphins as part of your catamaran journey…potted, striped, common or bottlenose dolphins all jumping and playing alongside the boat. Bring your camera to capture this amazing day!


  • $55 Adults – $45 Kid under 6 years old
  • This incredible experience is 4-5 hours