A Rare Devil Ray Experience Worth Capturing!

by Eduard

Imagine stumbling across a rare school of Devil Rays. Would you jump in with them to get the shot? Well… Jacque Cousteau has nothing over on Barbara, the woman behind these incredible photographs of these magical species.

On one clear beautiful day off of the shores of Playas del Coco, marine adventure guide Barbara and her clients were out cruising looking for giant Manta Rays, when she suddenly discovered a large number of Devil Rays racing along the water. Barbara had no idea until she jumped in with them just how many there actually were…hundreds and hundreds!

devil ray

The Devil Rays were flying around the islands off of Playas del Coco when she jumped in to get a closer look.  In 10-years traveling the Guanacaste coast, Barbara has never seen even half that many Devil Rays at one-time.

And yes, that is Barbara in the school… completely surrounded in the raw oceanic beauty of Costa Rica’s Devil Rays.

devil ray

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